Nufos 4E Insecticide, PCP 25831


NUFOS 4E Insecticide
is active against various insects in:

  • listed vegetables
  • listed fruit
  • listed field crops

This product is not to be used in and around homes or other residential areas such as parks, school grounds, playing fields.  It is not for use by homeowners or other uncertified users.

Active Ingredient
:        Chlorpyrifos       480 g/L
Formulation:                Emulsifiable Concentrate 
Application:                 Ground and/or aerial, depending on the crop and/or site to be used (please refer to label). NUFOS 4E Insecticide is active against various insect pests by contact and ingestion.  It is not systemic in the plant.  Treatment of plants that are under extreme drought stress may result in some crop damage.
Do not mix with other pesticides when used on vegetables.  Compatible with most commonly used pesticides except those that are alkaline.  Do not add any additional adjuvants, surfactants, or spreader-stickers.           
NUFOS 4E Insecticide can be tank mixed with the herbicides listed on label for wheat, oats, and barley.  The mixture will control insect pests as well as grassy or broadleaf weeds as recommended on the labels of the products used.

Packaging:                 NUFOS 4E Insecticide is packaged and sold in (2 x 10 L) cases and 115L drums.

For complete information please refer to the label.


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